Nutbourne to Bosham

3rd August 2015

Nutbourne to Bosham – 13.6km (8.5 miles)

Today i am joined by my lovely wife Susan and Cookie, we parked one car at Bosham and the other at Nutbourne, so it was going to be easier on getting to and from the trek. On leaving the car at Nutbourne we walked down the short footpath to the harbour and picked up from where i left off on the previous leg. The weather today was overcast with the threat of rain all day. We would be walking today around the Chidham Peninsula to Bosham.

The start of the walk was on a well made up path that was very easy underfoot that started to take us around the western edge of the Nutbourne Channel. A couple of fisherman that had not caught anything were on this stretch too, one was quite chatty and it was great to hear about his fishing and catching flounders from the harbour, he also talked about the resident seal in the harbour that had had an impact on his fishing.


The path further forward from here was very eroded and quite overgrown with long grass, which made the easy walking quite a bit more difficult, there was an alternative route which was easier but would have cut quite a bit of the coast out.

The tide had been coming in as we walked along the shores of Chidham Peninsula, which as we soon found out, this was not to be a good thing. As we approached the south western point of the headland we met with some woods that went right to the high tide level which meant that our route around the coast was now thwarted, we had to head inland along the edges of the fields, which was not a recognised route, fortunately though we found a way through and came back out on the shoreline at Cobnor Point. This we also found out was not a short cut as we had to follow the edge of the fields. At Cobnor Point we climbed a few steps back up to a higher path. This path was made as an accessible path for people staying at Cobnor Activities Centre and this wide path led us to the centre.

P1040213      P1040218

Cobnor Activities centre is made up of two organisations that provide a residential camp site and dorms for young people to take part in outdoor and sailing activities, we saw many youngsters kayaking and trying to cross the water on rotating poles, certainly looked good fun.

The walk from Cobnor was very scenic with views across to Itchenor and Bosham, of which i would be covering on the next leg. This part was also very tranquil and all that could be heard was the lapping of the waves on the shore, the seabirds and Susan saying that ‘Map my Walk’ was saying that we had covered nine kilometres and that i said it was a ten kilometre walk yet Bosham was the other side of the channel, so i turned the sound down so that she wouldn’t know when we had reached the 10k mark, in case she refused to go any further………lol.


The path continued taking us through Chidham and up to the main road A259 where we had to walk a short stretch before dropping back down to Bosham. It was raining now and had to resort to getting the waterproofs out.

Our day was to finish at Bosham which is a very typical harbour town that has a small art and craft centre, which is a cornucopia of different shops selling all sorts of very good art from sculptures to paintings. The quayside at Bosham has a road that floods at every high tide a cafe and a pub with great views across the harbour.

P1040223      P1040222