Netley to Hill Head

6th June 2015

Netley to Hill Head – 18.56 km

Today cookie will be joined by her friend Kiah, how will I cope.

I parked up at Fareham Station and caught the train to Netley, it was then about a one kilometre walk to where I left off last time.

I continue my walk along the edge of Southampton water and it started by passing through Queen Victoria country park, I only walked along the Coastal edge of this park, however it looks a good place to return to and explore further particularly the tall chapel which is all that is left of a military hospital, you can go up the tower and apparently have great views over the park and Solent. But not with dogs so perhaps another day.


After walking through the park I then needed to drop down on to the beach to continue our walk, this was a certainly a pebbly walk along here and I counted at least 22 of these enormous jellyfish that had been washed up on the beach, their bodies were about 500mm across and the tentacles 50mm in diameter, it were like an alien invasion had taken place. I made sure the dogs stayed well away from these creatures.


The walk to hamble along this part of the Coast was not the prettiest but such a contrast yet again as you had a massive refinery just in from the Coast on our side and then across the water you are looking onto another refinery and power station on the other side, the beach however was amazing as it was made up of loads of all sorts of shells.

image   image  image

Just past the refinery we turned a little inland heading towards the beautiful cobbled village of hamble. Although it was quite early I was beginning to get a little peckish so a stop at the Bonne Bouche cafe seemed in order. I bought my self a tuna baguette and then headed down to the shores of the river hamble so that I could catch the ferry across.


I literally had just missed the ferry, so proceeded down the jetty and thought that I would eat the baguette while waiting. The ferry soon arrived back and was a very bright pink colour, so it certainly stood out. There were three other couples and half a troop of army cadets on our ferry. The other passengers were really friendly, one of the couples were proud to show me their yacht moored at the end of a pontoon and the other couple were also walking the Solent way, but plan to go to Portsmouth today, which was quite a bit further than me.


After leaving the ferry I headed back down the shores of the hamble to the Solent, then the path disappeared and I was walking on a shingly beach, for quite some time, past a holiday camp and again some mud cliffs. After a couple of miles I could get back up on to the land and continue with it being easier underfoot , we soon arrived at Titchfield Haven, where there’s a wildfowl reserve and small yacht basin.


From here it was a promenade all the way to hill head, with great views of the Isle of wight, Osbourne House and loads of kitesurfers, I couldn’t believe that some of the kite boarders were older and greyer than me.

The dogs were looking thirsty by now and i could see some public conveniences not too far away so thought there must be a tap for them to have a drink from. There wasnt just one tap but two, so i cupped my hands in preparation for catching the water in and pressed what i thought was the right tap, i quickly moved my hand to under the spout just as the water came cascading out from above me, i had pressed the shower and got a soaking.

Just passed hill head I headed up to the bus stop and what perfect timing as the bus arrived.